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A cat peering into a cardboard box with a lambda on the side.

Scala with Cats 2

Since we released Scala with Cats we've had a stream of emails asking for two things: a hard copy version and updates for Cats 2. We're pleased to announce that we're working on a new edition that will answer both of these requests: it will cover all the great new stuff in Cats 2, such as the Parallel type class, and we'll make sure printed copies are available. Thanks everyone for your support so far, and we hope you'll enjoy the new edition!

Noel and Dave

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Support the Book

If you'd like to support Scala with Cats we have a few options for you. Once printed books are available you could purchase a copy (or perhaps one for you and one for a colleague?) If you need help with a Scala project we are available via our consultancies: Inner Product in North America and Underscore in Europe.️

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